A Journey to Pasaquan

Special Surprises
Here are some of the Special Surprises that made our trip so great:
The Surprising Levitation Suit you Seven Special Surprises, and here is the

You've seen the image of the strange figure with the hair coming up to a point, an image taken from one of the walls of Pasaquan. This is the Pasaquoyan Man, his hair standing up straight as an antenna tuning into the forces of the universe. He is wearing a pressurized, air-conditioned levitation spacesuit which allows him to hover above the earth.  St. EOM, a.k.a. Eddie Owens Martin, described it as a "complete elastic suit that puts pressure on the right parts of the body, so that man can control levitation of his body and be lifted up and keep away from the pull of gravity, so he can act normally out yonder in space." St. EOM saw visions of these spacesuits, and he actually made one and wore it, although he confessed he never mastered the ability to fly with it. 

At Pasaquan, many things are possible that are not possible anywhere else. Maybe you'll be the one to figure out the secret of these levitation suits.

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